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I am a child. When I experience sexuality, I feel even more childish than usual. I want to show the childishness inherent in me as a sexual being. I grew up playing with shiny toys and listening to fairy tales. Those parts of childhood, beautiful and pure, settled inside of me.  What I saw and learned then made me think that only one way is natural, when nature can be everything.  We experience sexuality from the day we are born. Nature is our sexual origin – it is infinite, and it is playful.

This work deals with concepts of sexuality imprinted on our minds in childhood. I emphasize the disassociation of these deeply rooted sexual biases by capturing adult sexuality in combination with colorful, even childish elements. The choice of uniform, close-up compositions for each picture in this series so that we might literally examine this subject without interference. This body of work emphasis appreciation for our world of diverse, equal, and beautiful humans and lingering respect for our bodies, our temples.